Vim: working with buffers

:bad myfile.txt or :e myfile.txt - open another file in separate buffer
:buffers or :ls - show available buffers
% - current
a- active
h - hidden
+ - changed
= - read-only
# - most recent used, alternate

:bnext or :bn - switch to the next buffer
:bprevious or :bp - go to previous buffer
:bfirst or :bf - 1st buffer
:blast or :bl - last buffer
:bdelete or :bd - delete current or specify #
:bwipe or :bw - purge buffer from the list
:bufdo - do cmd in all buffers
:b 2 - switch to the 2nd buffer
Ctrl+6 - switch between buffers
ctrl+g - get generic file, buffer info
1ctrl+g - adding full path to filename, positional info
2ctrl+g - addin buffer # to the info
:f - characteristics of file that I'm editing

Changing a buffer may cause errors, in this case use:
:hide bn - switch to the next buffer if there are the changes on current one

:wqa - writes all buffers, exists vim
:wqa! - attempts to force write all buffers, exits vim